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Preserve and Protect this Land

Cochise Stronghold is rich in history, nature and archaeology.  Home of famous Apache leader Cochise and his band of Chiricahua Apache's.  Throughout 10,000 years of human habitation many cultures have made this area their home; Ancient Hunter/Gatherer culture, Mogollon People and the Apache culture.   All of these Peoples shared the same goal to Preserve and Protect this Land.

Hands are now reaching across time and history to accomplish that very goal.  Douglas & Roma Payne have recognized the ancient values and are actively insuring that the property will be permanently protected from development into perpetuity.

You can partner with us in this noble effort.  Your generous contribution to our preservation fund is greatly appreciated.  Together we will be able to accomplish these goals.  When in the area, please contact us for a history/archaeological tour.  602-510-6980 

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